Case Example: Reservoir Management Advise

Kream is using a multi-disciplinary flexible and user-friendly digitalization approach to reservoir management problem solving. 

New business opportunities are identified by combining strong subsurface knowledge and experience with drilling, operational and facility engineering competence.

This approach is supported with user friendly and efficient digitalization tools.

The slide show below is very briefly illustrating such a tool developed by Kream in 2019 which was effectively used to enhance and monitor performance of a large portfolio of fields, reservoirs and wells , using a small JV staff, located in Norway.

Similar tools have been developed by Kream for clients in Kuwait  enabling efficient control of up to 6000 wells with more than 60 years of production history, with very limited resources. In simple terms a set of powerful dashboards are developed that enable staff to scan, monitor, compare and analyze performance between companies, assets and wells. Dashboards are developed using low cost , standardized software and tools.

These tools are proven to add quality into the reservoir management workflow and drive valuable improvements increasing production and recovery.